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The only survivor of his Muslim village returns home after recapturing it from Serbs. Bihac Region, Bosnia. 1995

thom browne f/w 2012-13

Come on girl, its TIME @al-mujahida !

you’re going to be half my deen, In’Sha’Allah. heaven will be our goal. we’ll pray together, live together, learn together, travel together.
- 3:42am. (via idontneedglassestoseeyourbeautyy)

I need everyone to watch the movie “love exposure”. It’s not even a movie. It’s an experience.

I woke up with a big headache and now im in bed while I took medicine already but didn’t eat anything before it so now my stomach hurts as well and my boyfriend just put the phone down without a reason and I should pack for the festival and I have to work this afternoon and today is just ahxkfojdksisidjelsosudjspapfirndkxoshaja